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"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it." - Patrick Young

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Spring 2013

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The Villas at Le Franschhoek


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General Overview of Stellenbosch Weather and Climate

Stellenbosch has a Mediterranean climate which is generally characterised by dry, hot summers and cold, wet winters. The weather in Stellenbosch is very suitable for growing wine grapes. Stellenbosch's weather is also excellent for visitors in the summer months when very little rain falls and is generally cooler at the height of summer that other areas of the Cape Winelands such as Paarl and Franschhoek

In the first half of summer the weather in Stellenbosch is generally windy on most days. The prevailing wind blows in from the south east. This mostly cool wind, known as the Cape Doctor, brings much needed relief from the high temperatures of mid summer, however when it blows, it sometimes blows hard at gale force speeds, gusting off the Stellenbosch Mountains. It is when this wind dies down and is replaced by a north east wind, that the weather in Stellenbosch starts to get very hot with temperatures in the high 30s and touching 40°C on occasions, then one begins to long for the Cape Doctor's return despite it's blustery strength. There is very little wet weather in Stellenbosch through the late summer months.

Autumn in Stellenbosch has the most pleasant weather and is undoubtedly the most beautiful season. With the south easterly wind fading away, it is a time of gentle winds from the north and south west. The weather in Stellenbosch at this time is neither too hot nor too cold, in fact it's just perfect. What's more the valley comes alive with rich colours. Russet hues of red as the leaves of vines and trees wither and fall amidst emerging greens as the first rains of approaching winter bring new life to the dried up fynbos and grasses. The sultry and beautiful evenings make for a delightful dining experience on the patios of the many restaurants in the town.

Stellenbosch's winter weather is characterised by a procession of cold fronts marching across the Western Cape, accompanied by heavy winds from the north west and torrential downpours, followed by scattered rain showers and icy winds blowing in from the south west, bringing snowfalls at times on the mountains overlooking the town. Interspersed between the grey, cold and wet weather are glorious sunny and warm days with crisp clear blue skies and frosty mornings. The cold nights make for cosy evenings by the fireplace, and nights with duvets and blankets on the bed.

The weather in spring in Stellenbosch brings added lushness and life to the greenery of winter as the vines and trees begin to flower and sprout new leaves. However in the early spring the cold fronts continue to pass over bringing some really cold and wet weather, especially as the cold south easterly wind begins to pick up as the fronts move off to the east. These fronts gradually weaken and fade as the sun moves into the southern hemisphere and the days become longer and the weather warmer and drier. Soon it will be summer again, when once again we will experience the Cape Doctor cooling off those very hot days.