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The Studio Gallery, Stellenbosch

Stephen Rautenbach’s Studio Gallery Stellenbosch
The Studio Gallery is so named because Stephen Rautenbach’s small working studio is attached to the fine art gallery.
Stephen insists that only the finest fine art is exhibited in this space. This gallery is large enough to display larger sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints than its sister gallery. While it, primarily, exhibits sculpture by Stephen and various other sculptors, it also features a limited number of paintings, wall sculpture, prints and drawings.
Periodic exhibition opening events are held at the gallery when new bodies of work by Stephen or other carefully selected artists are featured. The venue is contiguous to the Stellenbosch Village Museum and is housed in one of Stellenbosch’s oldest buildings (built in 1804) making it a destination to, not only enjoy great art but also to experience a bit of renovated history
Gallery owner, Stephen Rautenbach, is an established sculptor who trained under the tutelage of David Jones and Anton Momberg at the now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His work is represented in private collections in the USA, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Middle East, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.
The gallery is at 44 Church Street, Stellenbosch, in the historical core, adjacent the oldest surviving house (built in 1709) and a few metres from South Africa’s second oldest church.

Phone +27 (0)21 886 7005. Cell. +27 (0) 83 650 2608 za
Phone +27 (0) 886 7005. Cell. +27 (0) 83 650 2608
Stellenbosch Art Galleries. The Studio Gallery Art gallery in Stellenbosch