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Dimi's Bistro
& Greek Restaurant



Inside Dimi's, a warm
relaxed atmosphere,
Greek music, a
nd aromas
of Traditional Greek
Cuisine greet you

An evening at
Dimi's Bistro
& Greek Restaurant

Dimi's Bistro and Greek Restaurant in Stellenbosch is the new kid on the block well worth a visit. By day, a Bistro serving Bistro style food, by night, Greek!

At the bottom of Dorp Street (what, you mean just before the R44? NO, go further down, across the R44...) on the corner of Dorp and Stadler, you'll spy some Red Umbrellas and a few tables and chairs outside a Georgian building with huge Arched Windows. His entrance is right on the corner.

Night Interior at Dimi's

In through the door on a coolish evening and we were warmed by the candlelit atmosphere, rich colours, and friendly smiles of the guests, who as Dimi confirmed, were regulars.

If you're a wine buff, take your own, as their wine list is modest. We wondered where the menu was till we spied the 2 big blackboards sporting the evenings specials. A limited choice suits me fine as I can never make up my mind. I could have chosen any of the dishes , to be honest, but for starters, we went for the Meze Platter and The Greek Salad. A plate of home made Rye and Walnut Bread appeared on our table, which was impossible to resist. Judging by the approving noises coming from the other side of the table, I'd say the Meze Platter was a hit with my Husband. His affirmative sounds and gestures prompted me to taste the Dolmades, which was more flavourful than any I could recall having had.
My Greek Salad "with a twist" was a far cry from the average steakhouse greek salad, with roasted roma tomatoes, spaghetti sliced cucumber, generous chunks of Feta, quality smoked olives etc..and it was HUGE...had to regretfully leave a bit to save space for what promised to be a great main.

Service  was good, and friendly. Every now and then you'd see a greying head pop up from behind the counter....this was the man himself, Dimitri, giving his all to his creations. ( The Kitchen is semi open plan to The Restaurant ) There were strains if Greek music interspersed with other European and Era style of music, all very appropriate for the venue and the evening.

No Pretentions about Dimi and his restaurant or food. The servings are sizable, no little R5 coin sized fillet medallions here!! Its the kind of food you'd expect in a greek Taverna on a little island in Greece,. But for the stamp of Dimi's personality on it, unique twists to the traditional take on a traditional a commitment to fresh ingredients, and grilling rather than frying, as a healthy departure from traditionally oily  Greek food.

The Mains did not disappoint. A lamb shank that really was falling off the bone, melt in the mouth tender, and a Moussaka that was delicately flavoured with cinnamon.

We regretfully had no space to sample the Baklava or other traditional Desserts. But I'm sure they're equal in quality to the first two  courses... next time we'll definitely go for a sweet greek treat!

Jo Scott for  May 2012


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