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At Local Works, located in the heart of the historical centre of Stellenbosch, you will find a place that embodies the sentiment that “local is lekkerder!” Every handpicked item on display tells a story and invites the visitor to slow down for a moment, to breathe, to look, to touch and to listen. The diversity of art and craft works on display signifies something of the unique ethic of this remarkable little store. It is a place that celebrates the colourful bright exuberance of African Art & culture; it is a soft meeting place that makes creative community possible and that celebrates life.

It is a place of stories, of relationships and of beauty. Recognised artists such as Strijdom van der Merwe and Vernon Swart’s work can be found here in the company of a number of skilful local artists that recreate ordinary everyday things into works of art.

Ina-Marie, who started Local Works in 2003, has the remarkable gift of taking something that is ordinary and turning it into a thing of value and beauty. Every piece of art and craft displayed in the store tells the story of her belief in things that come from the earth, made by hand with love, that is unique, that is real. The store has lived through many seasons, it has been a place of meeting for a number of different artists and it continues to open its doors every day to encounter the other, the stranger, the traveller.
Be sure not to miss the experience that is Local Works.

Local Works Arts & Crafts
10 Drostdy street, Stellenbosch 7600
Tel: +27(0)21 887 0875
Cell: +27(0)82 053 3756

Stellenbosch Art and Crafts. Local Works. Crafts and African Art in Stellenbosch.