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Terry de Vries has been working in the complimentary health and wellness field for the past 15 years. Her personal journey took her along many paths: reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga, Reiki, crystals, Sacred Geometry, A Course in Miracles, labyrinths and shamanism. She is an internationally certified yoga teacher, labyrinth facilitator, Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork facilitator. “Life is a sacred journey. It’s about finding inner peace, joy and
laughter in the light and the dark moments of everyday life.”

Address: 2 Anreith Street, Karindal, Stellenbosch
Cell: + 27 (0)82 442 5623

Earth Spirit Labyrinths
Terry de Vries walked her first labyrinth 15 years ago and subsequantly became known as the labyrinth lady. She facilitates labyrinth walks, retreats and team building workshops. People walk labyrinths to get rid of stress, still the mind, let go of the past, heal grief or trauma, resolve conflict or find inner peace. “A labyrinth provides a sacred space where you can reconnect with your authentic self and the Divine.”

Earth Spirit Nature Walking
Terry de Vries and Spirit of the Wild facilitator, Ina- Marie Killian, take you into nature for a transformative experience. Walking therapy guides you to move out of a doing world into a tranquil atmosphere where being conscious in nature recharges you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Walks can be adjusted to your level of fitness.

Earth Spirit Wellness
Quality yoga and meditation classes are offered throughout the week in beautiful and tranquil surroundings as well as various healing modalities, ranging from massage to sound therapy.
Earth Spirit Wellness is situated at 2 Anreith Street, Karindal, Stellenbosch.
Earth Spirit Shamanic Breathwork
Terry de Vries Shining Crow Woman leads you in a safe, sacred space to experience the powerful healing of deep connected breathing. Release and transform old wounds, trauma and dysfunctional patterns. Remember and reconnect with your own inner healer/shaman and accelerate your personal and spiritual transformation.
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Terry de Vries Earth Spirit Quest, Stellenbosch