Olives in Stellenbosch Chrisna’s Olives, Delvera Farm, Stellenbosch

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Our Olives grow naturally (without chemicals) in the Eilandia Valley between Worcester and Robertson.

Our fermentation process happens naturally, using dam salt from the Klein Karoo. It takes 6 -10 months to cure and be ready to be eaten.

Our Olives are made with fresh garden herbs.

My story began in 1990, when I had to look after a few buckets of curing olives for my Jewish landlady. The olives inside the buckets had a wonderfully yeasty smell like bread dough, just before it has to go into the oven, and that triggered an immense interest in olives that would steer my future.

Back then the olive industry in South Africa was in its antinatal stage. The only countable olive trees were in and around Paarl, on the farm of Mr Costa - who was the father of the olive industry in South Africa. (He started planting olive trees after arriving here from Italy and the only olive oil could be found in a chemist in a small 100ml bottle.) The serious olive farmers only started planting trees years later.

In the mean time I had traveled to Italy and France and was totally in awe with their fresh food markets and the abundance of different olives on offer. I could not wait to get back home and start with my own olive products. The problem was: where to get them? I gathered olives from every olive tree in the old gardens and all the olive trees planted as windbreakers on farms in and around Stellenbosch and I had enough olives to fill a few buckets; which filled my tiny kitchen. Then I started the neverending, but exciting task of educating my future customers to appreciate olives and their oils.

The buckets in my kitchen became barrels in my garden and for the next few years, the portapool fit the volume just as well.Soon my house could no longer contain my need to progress and in 2008 I moved my olives to a wonderful and peaceful setting on a farm. I had space to employ four people to help me and together we are able to manage 15 tons of olives a year. Now my olives are grown on a farm near Worcester, where no hormones or chemicals are used in the process. they ripen from march to may, are hand picked, and put straight into special tanks. the curing process takes up to ten months by using salt from the little karoo, and after that we can’t wait to prepare them for markets. We smoke them. We roast them. We sun dry them. We add home grown herbs, garlic, lemons, chili and we also turn some into pastes and tapenades with anchovies and capers. We attend regular food markets in and around Cape Town and sell our olives to lots and lots of happy customers.

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Olives in Stellenbosch Chrisna’s Olives, Delvera Farm, Stellenbosch