Augenta. Stellenbosch Jewellery and Titanium Spectacle Repair. Handmade Individual Jewellery since 1992. Augenta Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Shops

Located in the heart of picturesque Stellenbosch, yet just far enough off the beaten track to be ever popular with loyal and informed locals , as well as close enough for the adventurous tourist to stumble upon, lies the studio of Augenta Jewellers.

The name comes from the Latin for gold; Aurum and silver; Argentum .Viewing the windows one sees in the strikingly unusual jewellery on display the merging of classic style with contemporary technical innovation and design.

A discerning jewellery lover will immediately notice the colorful and bold combinations of gemstones in the designs on display. All the usual gems such as sapphire ,topaz,beryl and quartz are to be seen, but one will also encounter some of the unusual and rare collectors' gemstones such as dazzling Demantoid garnet, mint green Tsavorite, incandescent Spessartines and the beautiful multicolored Tourmalines.

Passionate about gems and jewellery; both our capable staff members are qualified and experienced professionals, eager to inform and enlighten new converts into the magical world of gems or explain the intricacies of our craft.

Even if one does not leave the studio with your pockets richer in jewellery, you will leave richer in knowledge and appreciation of gems, so a visit is always a rewarding experience in some way and should not be missed if you're shopping for jewellery.

Our jewellery is all handmade , each piece unique. Although we believe modern jewellery design and production techniques such as CAD and rapid prototyping have a role to play in contemporary jewellery production, we favor traditional techniques, where applicable, over soulless modern duplication..........

An uncompromising technical approach towards durability and wearability as well as the need for longevity of appeal, leads us to produce jewellery with a lasting value in terms of design, as well as in the intrinsic value of the precious materials, regardless of whether the budget is large or small. After all most jewellery is purchased to commemorate a special occasion and we all want our memories to last forever; hence the need for durable lasting designs.

Even so , if one is just looking for a colorful combination to match a specially chosen outfit, or a thoughtful gift for a close friend, perhaps an inexpensive keepsake to present to a relative; it can be found or designed and created in our innovative workshop, and our guarantee is always, that the experience will be a pleasant one for you.

With twenty years of experience in serving our clients in the jewellery field, we are quite confident of that.

Our jewellery is backed by our own personal guarantee, made mostly by our own hands. All our gemstones and materials are ethically sourced in terms of accepted fair trade agreements, the Kimberley process applies to diamonds.



Modern laser technology now allows items which were previously classed as unrepairable to be easily welded. This is due to the intensely focused laser beam which reduces heat transfer to a minuscule area; even as small as 0.02mm.

This allows the object being welded to be held in the hands of the operator during the process. Worn down prongs on settings can be welded without damaging heat sensitive gemstones, this was previously impossible by traditional methods such soldering with jeweller's torch.

If you own something which your jeweller has told you is not repairable, bring it to us...we may be able to surprise you!

Proud owners of the first SL 20 desktop laser welding system in South Africa.


Augenta. Stellenbosch Jewellery and Titanium Spectacle Repair. Handmade Individual Jewellery since 1992. Augenta Stellenbosch